Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Tour is over

Well that's it. The tour is over and the red & blue art is all back in Vanderhoof. Thank you so much to all the volunteers and to the group of artists (without artists we would have no art!)!

Here are some interesting statistics from the show:

communities visited 11
artists 33
artworks 40
volunteers 34
catalogues printed 300
kilometres art travelled 4000
kilometres I travelled 10,000
blog page views 2203
moose views 5
bear views 8
grizzly bear 1
visitors to McBride exhibit 316
speeding tickets 1

Monday, July 14, 2008

OBAC information display seen all over northern BC

Thanks to the Omenica Beetle Action Coalition for their overwhelming support of the Red & Blue Art tour, including the use of this great information display about Mountain Pine Beetles!


CNC Library

CNC Kodiaks room




Burns Lake

Fraser Lake

More feedback results

These comments are from feedback forms from Quesnel, McBride, CNC and UNBC

  • very interesting
  • It is very comprehensive and interesting
  • All pines are now affected
  • Management of Tweedsmuir Park should be jailed for economic crime
  • The artists are sad

Friday, July 4, 2008

The staff at the beautiful Valemount Info Centre

Friendly smiles and helpful staff in a beautiful building...

Jackman Flats

A Lodgepole pine forest near Valemount, with very old trees and interesting lichens.

Mountain pine beetles have come here too

More from Valemount

Photos from Valemount