Thursday, January 10, 2008

Feedback comments from FSJ

Here are some of the comments from the feedback forms filled out by the audience at Ft St James.

What impressions are you left with about the pine beetle epidemic after seeing the artists’ work on the topic?


  • That we are in trouble with our forests
  • No matter what the artist paints the outcome is still the same, dead pine trees
  • Felt moved by many of the pieces
  • It is such a big, big problem worldwide- an epidemic
  • I would like to see more positive elements in this display, After all, beetle infestations have been happening for hundreds of years
  • Increasing understanding about reality in the community
  • Such loss left me quite emotional then some art pointed towards hope renewal and regrowth
    devastation, hope It is interesting to see someone else’s perspective
  • Optimism of people in a time of crisis
  • It’s good to try and see the positive in a difficult situation

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