Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The last beetle art show!

The last beetle art show will be in Valemount
Info Centre
Monday June 30- Tuesday June 15.

The original Beetle Art show was more than a year ago, the show has been on tour for more than six months, been in 10 communities and has travelled more than 3000 km! By the time it is over, the art will have travelled more than 3500 km and visited 11 communities.

I've so far seen 8 bears, 3 moose, a martin which ran right in front of the car and countless deer.

At opposite ends of the year I had a lot of fun with the both frost heaves and the endless twilight. And so far I only got one speeding ticket...

Original Exhibit
Saik’uz (near Vanderhoof) Saik’uz Elementary School, June 2007

Fort St James Municipal Office, November 19- December 14
Fraser Lake Public Library, January 25- January 7, 2008
Prince George Two Rivers Art Gallery, February 4- March 2
Burns Lake Burns Lake Heritage Centre, March 7- March 17
Houston Houston Public Library, March 17- March 29
Smithers Smithers Art Gallery, April
Mackenzie Ernie Boden Centre, April 9- April 30
Quesnel Quesnel Recreation Centre, May 5- May 23
Prince George ACCC Annual National Conference & College of New Caledonia Library May 25- June 7
Prince George FORREX MPB Conference, UNBC, June 10- June 11
McBride Valley Museum and Archives, June 15- June 30
Valemount Valemount Info Centre, June 30- July 15

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Judith DesBrisay said...

...and WHAT a show it has been!!
On behalf of all the participants, I want to THANK YOU, Annerose, for your patience, good humour, creativity,and resourcefulness. We appreciate the long hours you've spent and the many miles you have travelled to make "beetleart" happen: far and wide!! Congratulations too for each of the participants in this meaningful project. It's been good to 'keep company' with you. Judith