Monday, August 27, 2007

Hugged to Death

Hugged to Death
Dagmar and William Norton
Dead Pine Wood, Stone, picket fence, bench
Prince George

Dagmar and William Norton are passionate curators and collectors of art. Creation of art was a purely private affair for them. The Pine Beetle Epidemic has drastically changed their life on their 400 acre Ranch in Prince George, BC . Within 4 years they lost their entire pine forest. Norton’s way of dealing with this devastation is inspired by their harmonious being and consciousness of what is happening around them. Embracing the land, the people and the future, Norton North Ranch offers today accommodation to guests and tomorrow an interactive trail.

“Hugged to Death”will be a permanent monument on the Ranch along Norton’s “Philosopher’s Path” to remember the death of eighty percent of BC’s Pine Forest.

The title of the Assemblage shall not serve as points of reference for that which is depicted , as we are dealing not with the main problem of humanity; reproduction of life, death and resurrection, but with the expression of mankind’s feelings, questions, conspiracy and recrimination. Anger and recrimination are part of the grieving process which people are going through. Our anger is directed towards those groups whose self interest, envy, greed and ignorance significantly aided in the death of this great organism.

Relationship between the subconscious and the conscious of mankind is a central theme in Norton’s art.

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