Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Feedback from Prince George

Some comments from the feedback forms from Prince George:

  • A lot has been lost
  • Moving, beautiful and sad
  • Understanding the epidemic
  • I think we should have colder temperatures
  • Interesting the many ways this topic can be dealt with
  • The enormous impact this epidemic has affected our forests and also how such beautiful art can come from it
  • There are many people working against the pine beetle and showing this problem to the public
  • Some impressions of a “stark” landscape
  • It is the eye and heart that determines
  • Beauty everywhere, even in change death, sadness
  • Altogether the show created a huge impact- intellectually and emotionally, thank you
  • Artists are hopeful
  • I am amazed at the hope and renewal themes
  • Hope
  • Thank you!

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